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Abridged Draft Minutes Biddestone & Slaughterford Parish Council meeting 9th July 2019

After the usual legal requirements the following items were discussed:

Planning Applications Received:
19/05326/FUL Wavering Brook Farm, Biddestone, SN14 7DG
Proposal: Construction of an equine education barn, aqua walker, EPC outdoor arena and lunge pen NO OBJECTIONS
19/05643/FUL Biddestone Sawmills, Challows Lane, Biddestone, SN14 7DT
Proposal: Construction of an Additional Storage Shed for Security of Small Plant, Machinery and Tools NO OBJECTIONS
19/06060/FUL Wavering Brook Farm, Biddestone, SN14 7DG
Proposal: Construction of indoor riding arena NO OBJECTIONS
19/06135/TCA The Coach House, Harts Lane, Biddestone, SN14 7DQ
Fell 3 Spruce, 15% Crown Reduction to Cherry Tree, and Reduce Lateral Branches of Robinia by 1.5mtrs from Neighbouring Property. NO OBJECTIONS

To Approve Accounts for Payment July 2019 Clerks Salary & Tax July, Ground Maint , Web Hosting, Public Convenience Cleaning £818.53 Proposed for payment by VC and APPROVED
To Approve Grant Request of £600 for Biddestone Broadsheet APPROVED

Representatives & Working Group Reports:
CATG – Proposed improvements to Cuttle Lane/Church Road junction are currently categorised as Priority 1. Works adjacent to Biddestone Arms, and gates at the entrances to Biddestone, are still on the list as Priority 2. It was agreed that a co-ordinated approach was required, and that Martin Rose would arrange to visit Biddestone to discuss a number of options with parish councillors. Discussion on Biddestone projects was deferred to the next meeting (17th September). CATG has already spent £700 on topographical survey (£350 from PC).
Two of the 3 roads in the parish that have been on the CATG priority list for maintenance since 2014, C151 Ford to Slaughterford and Ham Lane Biddestone are in poor shape poor, and repairs may have to be staged to spread costs. Cuttle Lane requires verge overrun works and some pothole repairs before any other treatment.
Slaughterford –collapse of island that supports the two footbridges over the Bybrook at Slaughterford. The Cotswold Wardens had replaced the step to the second bridge, but it is on unsound footing. It was agreed that a new bridge was required, and that the island could no longer be relied on as support. WC proposed replacing the two bridges with a longer steel footbridge of a type that they have in stock. The smaller bridge could be relocated further along the footpath where it is being undermined. WC, subsequently made a temporary repair by filling in the large hole in the island with concrete. Details of the proposed new bridge, and timescales, area awaited.

Highway Matters
Issue 5826 – Footway Turnpike Cottage to Corner of Cuttle Lane – It was decided to go with the lower cost option, scheme 3, to enable other traffic calming measurers to be introduced in other areas of the village. Councillors visited Melksham to view the transverse bars used to reduce speed and it was AGREED that these could be used effectively in Biddestone. White or wood gates to be costed and a Speed Indicator Devise purchased which could be moved around as required. Signage also to be reviewed. This would be a three year project.

Parish Plan – The Plan was proposed for adoption by VC and was ADOPTED. Can be viewed on PC website.

The Butts – Village update News Sheet prepared, grass cutting options discussed and wildflowers and wildlife recorded. Main pathway strimmed and it was discussed whether scything might be a better option than a cordless strimmer. AK explained that it was the intention of the group to make more than one pathway to enable full roaming access easy to all areas. A conservation charity Plantlife have been contacted and a site visit planned for July. Easy access/passing pull- in has also been prepared.

Village Website – PC fully supports the work to be undertaken by the broadsheet to ensure the continuation of the Village website.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.