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Parish Council Minutes

Here you can find the latest minutes from the last Parish Council Meeting


A meeting of the Biddestone & Slaughterford Parish Council took place at the Village Hall, Biddestone on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at 7.00pm.  The following members were present:


IN THE CHAIR:   Cllr A. Juniper (AJ,)

PRESENT:             R de Fossard (RdF), M. Mullens (MM), Cllr A Short (AS), T.Smith (TS) and  A. Williams (AW).


In attendance          G A Gill (Clerk)


Ref #                                            Content                                                                                                                                   Action





















































































To Receive & Approve Apologies for Absence : Cllrs  C.Draper (CD}, Cllrs,C.Madley (CM), Cllr Mrs G Stafford (GS), Baroness Scott (District Cllr)

Declaration of Interests: None

To Approve Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 8th November 2016: Proposed by MM as a true record and APPROVED.   Signed and dated by the chairman.

To Receive & Act Upon Rolling Action List – Noted                                                               Addendum #1                                      

Chairman’s Report

Chairman’s meeting with Baroness Scott – Deferred until January 2017

Procedure for Parish Council members contacting parishioners or the general public at large.  All members should know of any pending contact with members of the public who should be contacted either by letter or email or with a personal visit by two members of the council.


To Receive Notification of Planning Permission Refused: 

Skimpot Cottage, Biddestone SN14 7DD

Proposal: Carport & Garden Store


To Receive Notification of Planning Applications Approved:

16/10236/VAR   Biddestone Cricket Club,   Yatton Road, Biddestone, SN14 7BZ

Proposal: Variation of Condition 4 of Planning Application 15/03441/FUL to include alterations to

room arrangements with corresponding alterations to doors and windows, and inclusion of a clock tower.


To Receive Notification of Planning Applications Received:

16/10797/FUL   The Close, The Green, Biddestone, SN14 7DG

Proposal:   Alterations to existing building to provide additional accommodation for holiday cottage.

                                                                                                                                      NO OBJECTIONS


16/11055/LBC   The Close, The Green, Biddestone, SN14 7DG

Proposal: Internal & External Alterations                                                                    NO OBJECTIONS



To Receive Statement of Balances for Accounts #1 & #2       Noted                                            Addendum #2

To Approve Accounts for Payment December 2016

G.Gill   Salary £160.11:, Grant Thornton External Audit 2015/16 £120: HMRC Tax £40: Wiltshire Council , Contribution for roadworks £1,000.  Proposed by MM for payment and APPROVED.

To Receive Notification of Tax Base for 2017/18: The tax base for 2016.17 is 257.91 this sum divided into the £8080 precept gives a Band D figure of £31.38.

To Receive for Approval  Luncheon Club Grant.  A grant for up to five attendees at the lunch was APPROVED

To Receive for Approval  Gardeners Club Grant   NOT APPROVED

Update on Lloyds Bank  The Clerk had been notified by Lloyds that all new signatories were now in place and that the account was fully functional.


Representatives  & Working Party Reports:

Biddestone Village Hall & Recreational Trust – Year end 2015/16 accounts have been finalized and will be presented at the December meeting.

The chairman and treasurer considered the amount paid for the lease of land to be realistic following a valuation.   At a recent meeting with the Cricket Club, the mower purchased earlier in the year was declared unfit for purpose.   The Club proposes to trade in this machine for a new mower at their expense and also purchase a further mower which will be used specifically to cut the pitches,

The Tennis Club will continue to use the toilets in the referee’s room until such time as the new Pavilion has been built to avoid conflict with other hall users.

The railings at the ramp which were painted as part of a community service order will be repainted green in the spring.

Chippenham Area Board  –  no meeting

Chippenham Area Transport Group   –  Meeting 16.01.2017  Recommendation to be made for updates on road works at Ham Lane, Cuttle Lane and between Ford and Slaughterford.

Corsham Area Board –meeting 23.11.17 Springfields, Corsham – Details of the development of the Mansion House as a centre for small businesses to start up, particularly in the IT/Social Media sector.  No business plan was available.  Next meeting 17.01.17

Parish Forum  – meeting 23.11.16 The Goss, Croft Hall, Upper Seagry. Information on BT telephone boxes was made available.  The parish boxes are not due to be decommissioned.   A list of Parish Steward duties was provided.  Clerk to circulate this list to all council members.

Parish Steward’s Report – Roy packer has had to step  down as Parish Steward due to ill health, his replacement has yet to be named.  Clerk to request that the outstanding work in progress be dealt with as soon as possible.

Police & Neighbourhood Watch Update –  There was a burglary in Biddestone village in the past week.

Slaughterford Update – Broadband – No news.


Traffic Calming – Responses to circulated Report.  Deferred to next meeting 14.02.2017


Parish Council website & Village website Updates – Clerk is creating pdf documents for downloading on the new Parish Council website and it is hope to have the site up and running by the next meeting.  The Village website will continue to show abridged minutes and it was AGREED that the council would continue to help with financial support.


Clerks Report

Update on Registration & Ownership of The Common & The Butts:  Registration documents were now to hand which showed that the Parish Council registered these two areas as Common Land on 1.10.1970.

Operational Flood Working Group Meeting 16.11.16  – No one was able to attend the meeting but it was established that Slaughterford was not on the agenda.

CPRE Best Kept Village: Certificates for 1st Prise Local Round and 2nd Prize Regional Round had been received together with a cheque for £100.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm