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It is sometime since I gave an update on The Friends of St. Nicholas, but there have been some recent developments which require me to call an Annual General Meeting.

You will recall that The Friends of St. Nicholas was formed as a result of the inspiration of the late Sir Brian Shaw, following the Quinquennial survey in June 2009, which concluded that works totaling £77,000 were required to preserve our much loved church. In the first year of our existence we raised £25,500, due to the generosity of many villagers and friends. Following the sad loss of Brian, I agreed to take over as Chairman, and I have been ably assisted by Nick Davis, as Treasurer, and Richard Madley, as Secretary. The three of us constitute the Committee.

In 2012, £17,900 of the funds raised was spent on repairs to the roof over the Sanctuary and Chancel. However, since then it has not been able to progress further repairs to the church for a variety of reasons, which I do not propose to go into in this letter. In 2014, I announced in the Broadsheet that we were suspending any future fund raising activities, as it did not seem appropriate to ask for further donations, when it had not been possible to allocate the funds already raised to specific projects. I know this caused a degree of consternation to some supporters of our cause, but we could not, in all honesty, ask villagers to contribute without knowing how and when we would be able to utilise your donations. We currently have funds of c. £10,000 awaiting disbursement.

However, I am pleased to report that there is a renewed impetus to the project, with a reformed PCC, and a number of villagers who wish to take on the responsibility for fund raising for The Friends of St. Nicholas. The Committee met with Simon Bruce, Stewart Entwhistle, Paul Sneddon and John Owen on the 25th May, and they have now been appointed trustees. Our constitution does not allow us to appoint new officers without a general meeting, where villagers can vote on the appointments. I am therefore calling an AGM at 7.00pm on Monday 31st July in The Village Hall. It is the intention of all existing members of the Committee to resign at this meeting, and for a new Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary to be elected from the newly appointed trustees. The Treasurer will also present the accounts at the meeting.

I hope that many of you will be able to attend this meeting, and show your support for the new team, as they re-launch this important project for the village.

Andrew Stafford

Chairman, The Friends of Saint Nicholas


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