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Some good news.

Central government  have funded Gigaclear to provide ultrafast broadband for rural communities, and from what I have seen from their proposed coverage maps, that includes everyone in our parish. Wiltshire have also contributed something to the cost.

The Gigaclear fibre network will be completely new, it will bring fibre to a ‘pot’ which is a bit like a cable connection outside your door, and you will be able to connect up or not as you want. Unlike the Openreach network where the fibre goes to the cabinet by the cemetery, and then uses overhead copper from then, this is fibre all the way and so the speeds that can be achieved are very much better.

We are in the middle of the village and I have just tested my broadband speed and its showing as our results gave a download speed of 24.95 Mb/s and an upload speed of 5.03 Mb/s.  Looking at the Gigaclear website, for domestic properties, they offer 3 levels of service:

    • G30 with an upload and download speed of 30 Mbs £35 per month
    • G300 with an upload and download speed of 300 Mbs £45 per month
  • G900 with an upload and download speed of 900 Mbs £75 per month

G30 download is a little better than we get at the moment but the upload speed is much better, but G300, for £10 a month more, it is more than 10x faster on download and 60 x faster on upload!

Have a look at:

If you are interested, it would make sense to register your interest on:

There is a box to insert your postcode, and then you choose your address from the drop down menu.

The downside is that the installation of a new buried fibre network is going to be disruptive during the installation process, but I guess to an extent, that is inevitable.

Work is due to start in the third quarter in Biddestone but because all the networks have to be joined up, it might take a little longer before the service is available.