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                         MINUTES OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING, 18th APRIL 2017

Present:  Nick Davis (Chair), David Daniel, Debbie Entwistle, Hywel Evans, David New, Lorena Roberts, Ian Smith and Val Spencer-Jones.

Apologies:  Brenda New and Andy Short.

  1. Minutes of Meeting, 21st March 2017

Agreed as a true record with the following amendment –  Action at 2.g. should read DN, not ND.

  1. Matters Arising 
  2. Transfer to Ltd. Company

Meeting with HSBC to discuss the transfer to be arranged.  Carry forward to next meeting.           ND/DN

  1. Zipfel Lease

Still awaiting a response from Alan Zipfel.

  1. Cricket Club Pavilion

Prior to this meeting, Andy submitted a request for The Committee to consider a short-term loan of £5,000 against the Biddstock income, to be repaid in full following the event.  This would be used to fund essential work for the season.  Currently the Club has a shortfall of around £20,000 to complete the project.   Phase 2 is dependent upon the pavilion being fully functioning, and therefore, subject to the Biddstock Committee’s approval, it was agreed that proceeds from Biddstock should go to the Pavilion Fund, with the aim of completing the work as soon as possible.  The consideration of a loan to be adjourned until the August meeting.

  1. Hall Extension

Quotes to be sought for consideration at the next meeting.                                                                     DD/AS

  1. Booking Form

Under consideration.  Carry forward to next meeting.

  1. Financial Procedure/Estimates

Carry forward to next meeting.                                                                                                                       DD/DN

  1. Director’s Liability Insurance

Dave N to investigate and report at the next meeting.                                                                               DN

  1. Boundary Fence

Nick had received an email from Richard Madeley regarding the safety of a boundary fence.  As the wire was not put up by BVH&RT and does not protect it’s boundary, we have no interest in it.  Nick has advised Richard to direct any complaints to the Sextons who it is assumed put it up.

  1. Memorial Tree

The planting of a Field Maple in memory of Jenny Davis was agreed.

  1. Financial Report

The Financial Report for March 2017 was circulated at the meeting.  Bank balances as at the end of March are Current Acc. £11,454, Deposit Acc. £33,640, Playground Acc. £4,085 and Brewery Acc. £10,008.  Due to increased income during March/April, £5,000 was subsequently transferred from the Current Account to the Deposit Account and as of the meeting stands at about £6,000 and £38,639 respectively.  Increased regular bookings and event income has compensated for the filming income and shows an increase of about £2,138 on the previous year.  Expenditure is also up, but includes some major investment in the facilities.  Brenda was thanked for her efforts in increasing the bookings.  The bar has shown a 33% increase on last year, which if the Fireworks and Skittles takings (shown separately) were accounted for in this area would show a net income of about £2,000.  Thanks also to lorena for this.

Nick asked that the Accounts for FY2016/17 be forwarded to Ashley Juniper as soon as possible for scrutiny.  Ashley to be consulted on whether the depreciation/appreciation of assets are up to date.   The aim is to have the accounts ready for the May meeting.  Notice of a July AGM will then be posted in The Broadsheet.                                                                                                                                                        DN


  1. Bookings Report

Regular bookings are now looking healthy.  There have been a lot of enquiries for weddings, a number of which cannot be accommodated until Phase 2 is complete.  The Play Therapist has now relocated.  Brenda to send her a thank you card.  Increased booking charges to be investigated for discussion at the next meeting.  Brenda will email all at the beginning of the week should she require volunteers for weekend opening/closing.                                                                                                                                      BN


  1. Any Other Business 
  • Dogs off lead/fouling continues to be a problem. Despite repeated requests, Corsham Wildcats FC are still accompanied by a dog off the lead.  It was agreed that Andy should contact the team informing them that their booking would be cancelled if they did not comply with our regulations.  Nick agreed to seek the advice of the Dog Warden on what measures should be taken with regard to problem dog owners.                                                                                     AS/ND
  • It was agreed that the railings should be professionally painted.           DD
  • Lorena has purchased a pair of Blue Tooth Speakers. David D/Mike C. have agreed to fix these securely to a wall.                                                                                                                                 DD
  • Being the last meeting as she has stepped down from the PC, Gill was thanked for her efforts in support of The Trust. Nick will arrange for Gill to be deleted from the list of Directors.        ND Next Meeting – 16th May at 7.15pm                                      

                          MINUTES OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING, 21st MARCH 2017

Present:   Nick Davis(Chair), David Daniel, Debbie Entwistle, Hywel Evans, Ashley Juniper, Lorena Roberts, Ian Smith and Val Spencer-Jones.

Apologies:  Brenda New, Andy Short and Gill Stafford.

  1. Minutes of Meeting, 21st February 2017

Agreed as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising
  2. Resolution to Transfer to the Limited Company

Nick explained that the lease for The Zipfel Field was taken out by Andy in the name of the current charity. For the right to continue the lease, we have to keep the current charity and for rent paid to the Zipfel’s to continue to pass through it.  On transfer to the Limited Company, a second, new bank account will be required for the new entity with transfers from this made to the existing account to cover rent.  It was resolved to transfer all assets to the Limited Company on the 1st April and for the current entity to trade in trust for the new entity.    It was agreed that Nick and Dave N should meet with HSBC to discuss the arrangements.                                                                                              ND/DN

  1. Zipfel Lease   

Nick has written to Alan Zipfel advising that we wish to exercise our right and continue the lease beyond its current expiry on 16th March 2017.  There has been no response to date.  The Allotment Holder’s agreement is with the Trust and has a 12 month period of notice, this only becomes an issue should The Trust give up the Zipfel lease.

  1. New Cricket Club Pavilion  

A draft lease had been circulated and Nick highlighted the main points during the meeting.  A summary to be emailed to all in due course.                                                                                         ND                                               The structure is now up, but due to financial constraints the interior will not ready for full use this season.   Dave N. to discuss with Mike Chrystal whether the building insurance will be covered by the CC or added to the Hall policy.  Rebuild value is £90k.                                                                            DN

  1. Grass Cutting

Andy is content to keep the informal arrangement for mowing as it is at present.

  1. Hall Extension

Carry forward to next meeting.                                                                                                                        DD



  1. New Constitution                                                                                                                                                            As minuted at  the February meeting,  it was agreed that The Board of  Directors should have a majority of residents in the Area of Benefit. The Clubs may nominate a voting resident, but continue to be represented at meetings by a member with non-voting rights.
  2. Booking Form 

Carried forward to next meeting.  Lorena’s suggested amendments will be included.                         ND

  1. Estimates/Financial Procedure           

Gill has provided a copy of the Parish Council Procedure for use as a template.  Carry forward to next meeting.                                                                                                                                                       DD /DN    

  1. Risk Register         

Draft 1 which was circulated in January 2017 was presented and agreed as the final document.  To be reviewed at the AGM.

  1. Directors Liability Insurance   

Dave N. to get quotes for cover to £1M and £2M.                                                                                       DN

  1. Methuen Field   

The Methuen Estate confirmed that the field is being cleared for use as grass keep.  It should be ok for use on bonfire night, but we should confirm in September.                                                        DE/ ND 

  1. Financial Report   

Financial reports for Jan. and Feb. were circulated at the meeting.  Bank balances as at the end of February are Current Acc. £7,159, Deposit Acc. £33,639, Playground Acc. £4,085 and Brewery Acc. £10,007.   £2,000 was transferred to the Deposit Acc. in January.   No invoices were generated in February due to holidays, hence the apparent lack of income for the period.  Invoicing is now up to date and the March accounts are predicted to show that overall income for the year will exceed the income from last year despite the absence of filming income.  The bar income is up £1,000 on last year – Lorena was thanked for her efforts.

  1. Booking Report   

There are now 13 regular bookings and one off bookings are filling up quickly.  Brenda was encouraged to spread the workload amongst the Committee whenever possible.   A quiz is planned for the beginning of October.

  1. Any Other Business   
  • It was agreed that lorena should purchase Blue tooth speakers for around £200. LR



Next Meeting  –  18th April at 7.15pm.

                           MINUTES OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING, 21st FEBRUARY 2017


Present:   Nick Davis (Chair), David Daniel, Debbie Entwistle, Lorena Roberts, Andy Short, Ian Smith, Val Spencer-Jones and Gill Stafford.

Apologies:   Hywel Evans, Brenda New and David New.

  1. Minutes of Meeting, 17th January 2017

Agreed as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising
  2. Zipfel Lease

The Committee agreed that Nick should write to the Zipfel’s advising them that we wish to exercise our rights under Security of Tenure and continue the existing lease.  Andy to give a copy of the lease to Nick to check the position re. the allotments.                                                                         ND/AS

  1. Cricket Pavilion

To satisfy the requirements of the Sports England grant, the Cricket Club require a 7 year lease to be in place.   ND, HE, DD and AS to discuss any changes to the existing draft, which will then be circulated to all.                                                                                                                            ND/DD/HE/AS

  1. Hall Extension

DD to seek extra quotes which will be considered alongside Tom Jacques estimate at the next meeting.                                                                                                                                                             DD

  1. Booking Forms

Lorena suggested that a note to whom the deposit cheque should be made out to, and where applicable, a time from which the bar is required should be included on the form.  Carry forward to next meeting.                                                                                                                                                     ND

  1. Director’s Liability Insurance

This is now in place, but it was thought that the cover is inadequate and should be increased in line with our public liability insurance.  DN to seek a quote.                                                                             DN

  1. Constitution

The position regarding the Constitution when the new company is activated as planned on the 1st April was discussed.  Currently all inhabitants of the Area of Benefit (AOB) are members but following the transfer this will not be the case with members having to actively opt in.  Directors will be appointed at the AGM and it was agreed that only members who are resident in the AOB can be appointed.  For the five organisations represented on the Committee, residency is not a requirement, but the Committee must always comprise of a majority of Directors who are resident. New Directors can be appointed as and when the situation arises.  Nick to circulate new draft Constitution.                                                                                                                                               ND

  1. Parking Methuen Field

Nick agreed to speak to the Methuen Estate regarding the future of the field and the implications for event parking.                                                                                                                                                      ND

  1. Hall Floor

Arrangements are in hand to professionally polish.

  1. Financial Report

Report for February at next meeting.

  1.   Booking Report

No formal report.  The Committee discussed the increase in bookings and resulting workload on Brenda.  It was agreed that we should share this as much as possible amongst the Committee.

  1.   Any Other Business 
  • Best Kept Village – Gill asked for volunteers to help tidy up.
  • Village Website – Information useful to hirers, e.g. floor plan, photos., bar prices, etc. to the coordinator Linda Smith.   All
  • Ramp Railings to be painted in the next few weeks. The Cricket Club has volunteered help.
  • Lorena suggested purchasing blue tooth speakers to replace the old ones. Agreed, Lorena to investigate.                                                                                                                                          LR

Next Meeting – 21st March at 7.15pm   (Resolution to transfer to the Ltd. Company).




Present: David Daniel (Chair), Debbie Entwistle, Hywel Evans, David New, Lorena Roberts, Ian smith,

Val Spencer-Jones and Gill Stafford.

Apologies: Nick Davis, Brenda New and Andy Short.

1. Minutes of Meeting, 15 th November 2016

Agreed as a true record.

2. Matters Arising

a. Zipfel Lease

Nick circulated a proposal received from Alan Zipfel regarding a new contract for the Gibbs Horn

Field prior to this meeting. On Nick’s advice, it was agreed that he should acknowledge receipt of

the document but not take up the offer of a meeting.

b. Grass Cutting/Mower

Hywel advised that the Cricket Club Committee were content with the way forward as recorded in

this committee’s minutes of 15 th Nov. 2016. The sale of the mower is in hand.

c. Cricket Pavilion

Subject to the ground work being in place, the pavilion is scheduled to be erected in the second half

of February.

d. Hall Extension

Tom Jacques has supplied a quote for detailed plans for redevelopment of the committee room and

changing rooms. David D. and Dave N. will seek further estimates. To be discussed at the next

meeting. DD/DN

e. Risk Register

Dave N. circulated Draft 1 of the Risk Assessment Register prior to the meeting. Any

comments/input to be emailed to Dave N. who will prepare a document for discussion at the March

meeting. All

f. Estimates/Financial Procedures

It was agreed that formal financial procedures and delegations should be in place. Gill offered a

copy of the Parish Council Financial Regulations as a template, which if suitable, Dave N. will adapt

and circulate in draft form prior to the March meeting. Dave will also consult HSBC on a procedure

for internet banking. GS/DD

g. Booking Form

Carry forward to next meeting.

3. Financial Report

Financial Reports for Nov. and Dec 2016 were circulated at the meeting. Bank balances as at the end

of Dec.2016 are Current Acc. £7,089, Deposit Acc. £31,637, Playground £4,085 and Brewery Acc.

£10,007. Expenditure is around £5,500 greater than this time last year, but this is more than

matched by the £7,000 increase in hall hire for the same period. £5,000 has recently been

transferred from the Current Acc. to the Savings Acc.

4. Bookings Report

There are currently 11 regular bookings. One off bookings for January are quiet, but are picking up

later in the year. Dave N. undertook to investigate pricing in local halls, but it was felt that unless

there were real discrepancies, our prices should remain the same. DN

5. Any Other Business

 Director’s liability insurance should be in place prior to the transfer to the new company in

April. DN

 Ian said that the Tennis Club are content to use the referees room for changing with the

expectation that it is clean at all times. An additional key was also requested. DD

 The Methuen Estate has given notice to allotment holders that they intend to take their land

back for agricultural use. Dave D. to speak to Nick re. the implications for parking. DD

 The hall floor needs to be professionally polished, David D. to investigate. DD

6. Next Meeting

21 st February at 7.15pm.




Present:  Nick Davis (Chair), David Daniel, Debbie Entwistle, Ashley Juniper, Brenda New, David New, Andy Short, Ian Smith and Val Spencer-Jones.

Apologies:  Hywel Evan, Lorena Roberts and Gill Stafford.

  1. Minutes of Meeting, 18th October 2016

Agreed as a true record.

  1.  Annual Accounts

Nick signed off the Annual Accounts to 31.3.16 which had been examined and agreed by Ashley Juniper.

  1. Matters Arising 
  2. Fireworks Review.

The estimated 800/1,000 attendees were considered manageable and about right.  The bar and catering had worked well.  More volunteers required for the clean-up on Saturday am.  As thanks for all their efforts, a meal was arranged for David Millard and his team and David Taylor and his brother. Ian will organize a hamper for John Collett.   Nick agreed to send thankyou letters to David Millard for another splendid display and to Jim Hedges for the loan of his barbecue.               Nick/Ian

  1. Risk Register

Carry forward to next meeting.

  1.    Procedure for Obtaining/Accepting Estimates

Carry forward to next meeting.

  1. Use of Facilities by the Tennis Club.

As a result of a complaint from the Chairman of the Tennis Club, the use of hall facilities during a private hiring was discussed.  It was agreed that hirers should have exclusive use of the toilets and Kitchen.  Ian agreed that the Tennis Club would use the referees changing room when the hall was let.

  1. Financial Report

Bank balances as of the end of October are Current Acc. £5,137, Deposit Acc. £26,635, Playground £4.084 and Brewery 10,006.  Expenditure is currently outstripping income, in part due to increased investment in grounds and building maintenance. The bar has had a good month.   Income from hall hire is healthy and if the trend continues, finances for this FY should be sound.



  1. Bookings Report                                                                                                                                        Bookings remain high and feedback from hirers is very good.  It was agreed not to charge the Fete Committee for use of the Club Room.


  1. Any Other Business
  • SSE has vetoed the main electricity change over. Nick is investigating new contractors.  Nick
  • From 1 April 2017 we switch to operating through the new company. New Company no. 09445502 to be emailed to Insurers for Director’s 3rd Party Liability.                              David N.
  • Painting of railings on the ramp will resume in the Spring. David D. to advise John Alston.
  • Nick to look at the booking form before next meeting. Nick


  1. Report on Meeting with the Cricket Club

A meeting was held on 14th Nov. to discuss various issues with the Cricket Club.  As a result of this, the following points were put to the Committee and agreed.

  • The football clubs will use the changing facilities in the new pavilion. David N. to invoice for hire as normal.  Income to be split 50:50 with the Cricket Club for use of water, cleaning, etc.
  • The Mower purchased with the Sectn. 106 money is broken and not fit for purpose. The Cricket Club agreed to sell this and their original mower and purchase another with the combined proceeds.  The Cricket Club will use this mower to cut the football pitches and perimeter grass and will charge for their labour.  The mower purchased with the ECB grant is to be used for the cricket pitch only.
  • The contribution made by the Cricket Club to the bar and hall activities in general was recognized. The existing arrangement of £12.50/hr for 2 hours in the season, free use of the club room on match days, and 2 free evening hires per annum, will continue.
  • The £183 payment per month covers use of the Zipfel field only.  It was felt that a hire fee for the use of the front cricket pitch should be levied in line with our fees for football hires, etc.  This would result in an extra payment of £1,000/pa.  However, the Committee wished to recognize the massive amount the Cricket Club do for youth development, which involves many of the Village children, and agreed to suspend this payment if the Club have 50+ under 18 members on their books.
  • In recognition of the Cricket Club’s initiative and fund raising efforts, the Cricket Club will have use of the enlarged bar space created in the Phase 2 development free of charge on Friday and Saturday evenings for the 4 month season, to be reviewed after 2 years.
  • All of the above is dependant upon satisfactory resolution of the mower situation.


  1. Next Meeting

20th June at 7.15pm.