Village Hall Minutes


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Present:  David Daniel (Chair), Debbie Entwistle, Hywel Evans, David New, Andy Short, Val Spencer-Jones and Adam Walton.

Apologies:   Nick Davis, Brenda New and Lorena Roberts.

  1. Minutes of meeting, 17th July 2018

Agreed as a true record.

  1. Matters arising
  2. Extension
  • Two sets of soft seating have been delivered. At least one more set to be purchased when the budget allows.
  • The problem with the floor still hasn’t been resolved, DD to chase Phil M. DD
  • Curtains are now hanging. Thanks to VS-J and Beryl Foster for making and Mike Chrystall for fitting the rail.
  • Protector to be fitted to the edge of the wall in the kitchen alcove.                                          DD
  1. Bar Refit      

DD confirmed that Mike C. will to take out the pipes and reconfigure the store.  AS to advise LR. DD to ask ND if the pipes should be kept in case the brewery ask for their return.                                      DD/AS

  1. Cricket Club Insurance    

DN to check the cost of adding the pavilion to the hall insurance at a rebuild value of £120k. The CC currently pay £619 pa for a standalone policy.                                                                                                 DN

  1. Cricket Club Agreement

ND has this ready for signature.   (nb. awaiting resolution of insurance issue above).

  1. Agatha Raisin

Film crew will be returning in Sept./Oct. exact dates and duration yet to be advised.  DD to inform all parties when he receives notification.                                                                                                             DD

  1. Water Bill

DN will pay the final bill of £1,200 for the front cricket pitch/pavilion after which, the CC will take over payment.  A reading will be taken once the watering ceases around the end of Sept., the likelihood of a leak can then be established.                                                                                                                          DN/AS

  1. Tennis Club

DD and DE reported that they’d had a constructive first meeting with representatives from the Tennis club.


  1. AGM

Postponed until the 16th October.  DE to put a notice in the Broadsheet.                                              DE

  1. Biddstock 2019

It was agreed that the event could take place on the 6th of July, with the 7th reserved for clearing up.  The only comment at this stage was that it would helpful if mobile gent’s toilets could be in place.

  1. Financial Report 

The report to 31st July 2018 was circulated prior to the meeting.   Account balances as at 31/7/18 are, Current – £9,187, Deposit – £5,312, Playground – £3,430 and Brewery – £10,015.  Overall, income for the year to date is up on the same period last year, however, a £3k payment for filming masks a £1.5K deficit in terms of hall hire and caravan income. £4k has been transferred from the current a/c to the deposit a/c to start building up the reserves.  The Annual Financial Report is ready for signing off at the AGM.  It was agreed that payment for weed treatment should be split 50:50 between the Trust and the CC.  Payment for CC use of the clubroom to the end of June is outstanding – HE to investigate.  £360 is owing to the CC for grass cutting – DN to make payment.                                                                         DN/HE

  1. Bookings Report

There has been a problem with some of the regular bookers blocking the fire escape with chairs.  It was agreed that BN should inform culprits that unless they desist, their booking will be cancelled.  DD and DN will look at marking a ‘keep clear’ area on the floor.  Notice of ‘Fire Procedures’ to be fixed to the wall.                                                                                                                                                                     DD/DN

  1. Any Other Business
  • Fireworks to be discussed at Agenda Item 1 at the next meeting with David Millard in attendance. Siting the display away from the Zipfel field may have safety and other implications and will require more people to steward the event.  All are asked to think about the pros and cons of the change and bring their thoughts to the meeting.  ND has advised that there would be serious implications should we disregard the terms of the lease and press ahead on the Zipfel land.
  • The wifi reconnection charge is £75.
  • Window cleaning bill to DN for payment.                                                          DN
  • AS emailed the committee with copies of the correspondence he received from Wilts. Council regarding registration of land.