St. Nicholas Church, Biddestone

Both St. Nicholas Church Biddestone and St.Nicholas Church Slaughterford are part of the By Brook Benefice. 

The By Brook Team Ministry – email:

Telephone – 01249782704

Rev. Marc Terry – Priest-in-Charge (Rector Designate)  By Brook Rectory, 3 Church Farm, Yatton Keynell, SN14 7FD   email –   telephone – 01249 782672

Associate Ministers – Rev Gillian Parkin   01249 782704      Rev Mary Gubbins   01249 448530

Arrangements for marriages, baptisms and funerals and any other enquiries can be made at the Benefice Office, The Bell Inn, High Street, Yatton Keynell. SN14 7BG  (telephone and email as above)

The office is open between 10.00am and 2.00pm  Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except Bank Holidays)

Any pastoral enquiries should be directed to Rev Marc Terry, who can arrange for a member of the pastoral care team to provide support as necessary

For times of the church services see the Broadsheet or The Honeycomb ( the parish magazine, contact Penny Lloyd for subscriptions and delivery).  Please click the link here for more information:

The Parochial Church Council is legally responsible for the upkeep of the church. 

St.Nicholas, Biddestone PCC

 Chairman –  David Webb     Treasurer– Stewart Entwistle     Secretary– Penny Lloyd

Church Warden – Rosemary Warchus

Ronnie Robinson   Maureen Greenwood   Julia Tisdale   Vix Tunsley

For the latest PCC minutes see here –   

Parochial Church Council Meeting Minutes taken on 3rd February 2020 at 7.00pm at Twitten Bend; Biddestone


Those Present: Rev Marc Terry, Rev. Mary Gubbins, Rosemary Warchus (Church Warden) David Webb (Chairman) Stewart Entwistle (Treasurer) Penny Lloyd (Secretary) Ronnie Robinson, Maureen Greenwood, Julia Tisdale. Vix Tunsley:

No Apologies:

Church Finances: SE presented us with his accounts which are up to date: He has also sent the Diocese a copy of the Faculty for the new path and handrail

Parish Giving: RW will prepare a letter to be sent to the members of the church electoral roll. This letter will ask the members (about 30) if they would be prepared to contribute to the funds for the upkeep of the building . Another letter will be sent to the rest of the village, later, also asking for help with church funds.

Future Events: JT &VT are planning a Bingo evening for the families at the village Hall. They will take on publicity for the event. Raffle tickets etc will be available and prizes: We also will try to be proactive with having Weddings in our church as a package. These will be alongside weddings in the other churches in the Benefice.

Other Business:  The Church Organ has been serviced by Mr. Farley. He said there is a leek in the roof which is dripping on the organ.

We will be buying a new rug for the front of the altar from Leekes Melksham

We are progressing with future work to enlarge the back of the church. Two builders have been contacted. They have visited the site and will be giving us estimates for the work.

MG will try to recover the missing documents and minutes of past meetings for the last ten years.

Correspondence PL has written to Di Webb to thank her for her continued work for the Food Bank. She has also written to those who are on the rota, to express our thanks for opening and closing the church.

We will have a Quinquennial for the church during the next three months.  RW will make contact with the Diocese for a list of registered Architects who can do this.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 8.30pm

The next meeting will be on 16th March at Owl Cottage.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held at the church on 6th April




 The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules. At St. Nicholas’ the membership of the PCC consists of the incumbent ( Priest -in-Charge )the team vicar, churchwarden, deanery synod representative and members elected by those members of the congregation who are on the electoral roll of the church. All those who attend our services/members of the congregation are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC. 

The PCC members are responsible for making decisions on all matters of general concern and importance to the parish including worship, mission and outreach, fabric and finance and are all responsible for deciding on how the funds of the PCC are to be spent. New members receive initial training from the diocese into the workings of the PCC and will have DBS checks and safeguarding training.


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Friends of St.Nicholas

The FOSN was founded by Sir Brian Shaw in 2009 responding to a crisis call from St. Nicholas Church for urgent roof repairs. The FOSN now works closely with the PCC to raise funds for priority church improvement projects.

Chairman– Simon Bruce  Secretary– Paul Sneddon  Treasurer– John Owen  Trustee– Stewart Entwistle

The Church of St Nicholas, Biddestone
The Church of St Nicholas, Biddestone