Women’s Institute

Here you can find all the up to date minutes for the Biddestone and Hartham Women’s Institute. If you are not a member and would like to be please come down to the Biddestone Village Hall at 2pm-4pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, all are welcome!

Latest Information

The next W.I. meeting will be on Wednesday 18 March, 2.15 – 4 p.m., when Brian Tilley and Penny Birnsting, a musical couple who call themselves AMUSETTE, will talk about and demonstrate “Reeds, strings and drones”.  

All welcome.   

Record of meeting of Biddestone & Hartham Women’s Institute, 15 January 2020

Val Ringham (President) welcomed eleven members, who heard an interesting and inspiring talk by Lynne Melly about the work of the international charity Mercy Ships.   Val S-J gave the Vote of Thanks.

Refreshments were served by Alison.   The raffle prize was won by Margaret.

Alison read out the Minutes of the meeting on 20 November and a brief report of the Christmas Party on 11 December.   Both were signed as a correct record.

Matters Arising

Val S-J suggested that the next time we invite visitors to our party a written invitation should be sent, as some seemed to be unclear of the date and time.   This was agreed.

Val S-J reported that it was not known exactly where the Village Hall microphone was.   Carol said that if necessary we should be willing to spend money on purchasing a new one;  she would find out what had been bought for the Gardening Club.

Val S-J reminded members that their choices for this year’s Resolution had to be returned by 14 February (i.e. before our next meeting).   She was willing to collect them and send them off together, or members could return them individually.   Details of the choice of Resolutions, and the form to fill in, could be found in the November/December issue of WI Life.

Places were still available for the WI holiday in the Netherlands in May.


There would no long be a price differential between members and non-members for W.I. events.

Thanks had been received for our contributions to the bags for homeless women in Wiltshire.   Over 200 bags had been made up and taken to several places across the county, and there were still enough items for more bags.

Letter from the Chair of NFWI following an enquiry as to what WI’s could do to help the situation in Australia.   As a charity we are not allowed to donate directly to other charities, but a message of support has been sent to the Country Women’s Association of Australia.

There would be something in the February issue of WI Life about the NFWI’s  ambitious“Vision for the Future”, for which they would like feedback and support.

Val R and Val S-J would be meeting shortly to work out this year’s programme, and would be grateful for any suggestions for speakers.


Carol said our finances were still very healthy.   She collected the new annual subscriptions.   Our insurance was due for payment, and a cheque had been prepared.

Next month’s meeting would be the AGM.   Val R said that the current committee would be very glad to receive offers to join them