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 Biddestone & Slaughterford Parish Council

The Parish Council has its own website with all the most recent minutes and records.

Parish Council Meeting
There is no regular PC meeting in January, the next meeting will be 12th February 2019 at 7pm in the Village Hall

There is a presentation of the Parish Survey results on 29th January 2019 (details on News page)

Abridged Draft Minutes of Biddestone & Slaughterford Parish Council meeting held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 7pm.

Following the usual legal requirements the following business was undertaken:

To Receive Notification of Planning Applications Approved:
18/08901/LBC 7 The Green
Proposal: Repair & insulate existing Cotswold stone tile roof, re-new valley gutters and rain water goods. Repair existing dormers, re-clad in lead, insert two Conservation roof lights in the main roof and one in the ground floor workshop’s roof. & 18/09232/TCA 7 The Green Proposal: 4 meter height reduction and 1.5 meter Lateral reduction to Walnut tree

18/09562/TCA Pool Farm. The Green, Biddestone, SN14 7DG
Proposal: A Elm Tree reduce size by 30% C & D Leylandii – prune all trees by 10% E Indian Bean Tree – prune by 10% F – Birch tree – prune by 10%

To Receive Notification of Planning Applications Received:
18/10504/TCA The Oak House
Proposal: Fell 1 Goat Willow SUPPORTED

Statement of Balances for: Accounts #1 £49572.29 & #2 £5003.40
Accounts for Payment December 2018
Clerks Salary & HMRC Tax, D.Taylor Ground Maintenance, CPRE Subscription, Wiltshire Council Highways Contribution APPROVED Clerks Salary and HMRC payments for December & January 2019 were also APPROVED.
2019/20 Precept – set at £8330 which makes Band D £32.3380 for 2019/20 based on 257.59 Tax Base.

A Public Open Meeting has been arranged on 29th January 2019 at 7pm at the Village Hall for the presentation of the Parish Plan survey results. These results will lead to the preparation of a Parish Council 3 – 5 year Corporate Plan and budget. The results will also be available on the Parish Council website.

Cuttle Lane – drystone wall is bowing out and looks dangerous. Clerk and DW to email Martin Rose with a view to his visiting the site.
Little Challows – Tree Surgery Awaiting responses to the letter circulated to all householders and to the response from Adrian Hampton Wiltshire Council Highways Dept. It was reported that Hill’s Waste vehicles were damaging the green by not reversing in as they have been instructed to do. Clerk to contact Hill’s.
SB will undertake to register Little Challows as a Common.
The Pond – Willow Trees The pollarding of the trees to be held back to enable continuity of future filming between March and July 2019. SB to ask David Taylor to trim back the marginal growth around the pond and remove brambles from the hedge.

Snow Plan Update – SB to finalise the plan and send to Nicola Mundie, Wiltshire Council. Two additional volunteer wardens have been added but further wardens are still being sought, in particular for The Green and Slaughterford.

Rights of Way Update on Maintenance Schedule – SB was still awaiting a response from Stephen Leonard Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Officer for an update on Wiltshire Council’s future plans and the possibility of closing BID 8 footpath.

Clerks Report – Briefing Note 373 – Service Devolution and Asset Transfer to Town & Parishes. Circulated.
The Christmas tree is in place and thanks go out to David Taylor, Hartham Estate and the Stafford Family for their support.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm